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The Story of Jasdi 


Meet Irma 



I am a professional Natural Vegan Skincare Formulator specialize in formulating face & body products.

I went to many professional skincare schools and received my Diploma in Professional Natural Vegan Skincare Formulation.


I intend to educate others on the importance of having a good skincare routine and advising everyone to nourish, love, and care for their largest organ. I also emphasize the importance of familiarizing the names of these toxic ingredients that are in many commercial skincare products.


I am constantly educating and advising everyone through all my social media so that they can learn the proper way to read and understand the label on the back of these skincare products.


The biggest population of the world has skin conditions because many of these skincare products have toxic chemicals that are damaging and harmful to our skin.


Eventually, after so many years of using these commercial products, you will end up having skin conditions that most of the time are irreversible and or with no cure. I state this because of personal experience. I enjoy every part of my business from formulating, testing, educating, and packaging the products.


The best part of my business is when my customers contact me, stating how progressively they’ve seen the changes on their skin. Their great feedback and encouragement motivate me to continue with this wonderful journey.

I am known to transmit my passion through my products because my products have made a difference in my clientele’s skin.


I am also proud to say that thanks to my determination, hard work, persistency, and discipline in formulating my skincare, I can help improve and relieve their skin conditions.


My customers are extremely happy with the noticeable improvement in their skin.

I am not an ordinary conventional formulator or only a soap-maker. I have a skincare line where I add fruit pulp to my soaps because it contains a particular vitamin that is great for your skin.


All of my ingredients are plant-based, vegetable-based, or fruit-based. I don’t use Palm Oil, because once again, I am against destroying our environment.


I was certain that when I started my own business, I would make environmental sustainability a priority.


Jasdi Organics is a facial and body care line that uses organic, natural,plant-based, and food-based ingredients.  Additionally, our products are vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and packaged with sustainable and recycled materials.  Our formulas enable the skin to function optimally in its own right by simply feeding it the nutrition it needs. 

I am honored to say that Jasdi Organics is legally certified by the Leaping Bunny Program. This means that my products are not tested on animals, and the ingredients that I use to formulate my skincare are also not tested on animals.

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